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Fri, 08 Sep 2000

My Personal Goal: Oil Paintings for NASA

I'd like some of my oil paintings to be hung at a NASA base. Wallops would be nice. I'll use a little red and a little hue of blue. NASA if you would like to hang one of my oils in your lounge areas just drop me a mail. Otherwise Bay Land will get them, cause I reckon by the 23 century, Bay Land will be the next wallops. And old art is like WWII, nobody fucks with it. So my art will surely be classic. NASA you'd better phone me quick. But don't mail me today. I've got an sore inside my nose that is taking up a lot of my time... so I'm sort of busy. Try me tomorrow.

Link: This isn't the Bayland I was thinking of... still, fuck with em'.

[September 8, 2000 @ 10:14 AM]