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Mon, 07 May 2001

Marketing Theories 11 - Cavities

Big cavities in your mouth are sure to mean "no sale" when trying to rope in perspective buyers. I'm talking about the nasty ones that look like black bugs on the front of your teeth. When your clients see little black dots of rot on what you now pronounce your 'teef' (because you will have invariably lost some by this point), they will NOT think you've been pretending you were a reptile scarfing down beetles by the bug zapper, but that you desperately need to pay the dentist a visit. If perspective buyer's minds are filled with phantasms of lizards and men molesting nurses, they will not focus on what you are saying and you will not make the sale. A rich Spaniard once said, "My pearly whites have brought me more riches than all the Indians I ripped off in the Americas."

Think No Cavities
A Goth Girl called Decay - Have her friends nicknamed her Decay because she's got a mouth full of rotting teeth? We can't know for sure because she isn't smiling.
Another Goth Girl called Hand. Why's she called Hand? Funny, the only thing I call 'hand' is my hand.

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