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Thu, 01 Nov 2001

This post is in reference to the incident involving Jim’s winning, and subsequent loosing of the title employee of the year. Well Jim, I can’t help that you don’t read the “Mind Lab” on a regular basis. As you know, I’m a busy hip man, with a hip dew, and in the world of hip, we the hip don’t have time to tell everything that we decide to those who are unhiply affected by our decision making processi. So when I placed the reward for the title in your file cabinet, how was I to know that the puppy would do his business on your important paper work? And I’m sorry that spent all day cleaning it up. If you had of checked your file cabinet before you left work, then Snoopy wouldn’t have been in their overnight. You’re damn lucky that he survived. And yes Jim, you may have been very upset you lost months of hard work to a mire of puppy mess, but all I’m saying is this, in the future, Jim, maybe you should “think” before you give your opinions so freely especially if you are a little upset. Because when we are upset, we all have a tendency to say things we regret. Now I know you were afraid I’d fire you when I asked you how old I looked. You voiced this concern several times, and as and I told you then, I’m bigger than that. But honestly Jim, your reply, “Larry… the haircut really doesn’t suit you…” was the wrong answer. My age has nothing to do with my choice in hairstyles. You still have your job Jim, but you’ve lost your employee of the year title as well Snoopy the crappy puppy which I have taken back.

[November 1, 2001 @ 08:59 AM]