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Mon, 05 Nov 2001

Smoking Tampax

I was smoking up at K-Pax, and I got to thinking, you know - if you remove the "r" from prot... you get pot... It was such a great idea I got hungry and I had to eat incredibly fast in order to live, for surely my mind would cannibalize itself left to its own devices. I can't tell you how much coke and popcorn I ended up dribbling on that poor woman beside me to the point she yelled at me. When she did, I started freaking out 1960's style screaming JANIS JOPLIN is ALIVE! K-Pax for my Tampax! And there it was, I bolted out of theater, bought the Tampax and started rollin like a fiend. This is gonna be a tsunami sized splash in the drug circles! I CANNOT WAIT A SECOND LONGER! Rather than pass the joint, people are just gonna "Pull there string." "Pull the string." And it will it will be like hypodermics too... you don't wanna use a dirty one

[November 5, 2001 @ 09:31 AM]