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Fri, 16 Nov 2001

Benji's Return

Snoopy reappeared today and I've been given a second chance. It seems I may have been barking up the wrong tree and nobody was actually after Samuel Pepys title after all. Snoopy was taken away from me because my company, Chook Industries, company-sinned by copyright infringing on Hallmark and Jim Davis's property for a Halloween Party. None of this, as many have been quick to point the filthy finger, is related to some dope smoking groundhog day. My business is my business and that business is Chook Industries. If I wanted to use the bathroom on Jim Davis property I would march over to his back yard and do my business. That however is my business. In the end, all this means I've renamed Snoopy because his name is also copyrighted by Charles Shulz. His new name is Benji. Thank you.

[November 16, 2001 @ 09:10 AM]