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Wed, 05 Dec 2001

End of Posting Session

Jimmy thinks I typed Willy Wonka on purpose. He's mad I do believe, I do, I do believe. I can hear him sharpening pencils in the other room as I type. Jim, you should be happy. Although my fingers were typing on the keypad, I wasn't typing. This can only mean one thing; that the spirit of Willy Wonka entered into my body and typed the message for me, which means that Willy Wonka must be real after all. Jim, you should be happy. You were right and I was wrong. Willy Wonka is not a fictional character associated with candy, but he's real, oh so very real! We could do a movie, just like the "Sixth Sense", and rather than say "I see dead people", I could say "I see Willy Wonka".

[December 5, 2001 @ 08:38 AM]