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Thu, 06 Dec 2001

Project: Goodwill-Willy Wonka

I Willy Wonka decry and decree, that after the botched Willy Wonka sessions with Jim Shooter, that Chook Industries will band together to try and save Mr. Shooter from further embarrassment that he did not know who Willy Wonka was. This grandiose cover-up will be a display of unity, team work and the love that is the human spirit, which was also employed in other famous cover-ups such as the Watergate. But where Watergate failed, Chook shall endeavor. To accomplish these ends, Jim's posts about Willy Wonka will be the first in a series of posts by Chook employees on the Mind Lab. In these posts, I will select an employee and have a chat. These chats will act as disinformation, and draw attention away from the fact that Jim thought Willy Wonka was flesh and blood, just like Richard Nixon.

- Cordially Yours, Willy Wonka Esquire

[December 6, 2001 @ 10:27 AM]