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Sat, 20 May 2000

Saturday Bar

I haven't slept in about 37 hours, and it is right about now, DJ Fatboy Slimmy, that I start looking to build things. I've heard in Chicago they have these new hover bars. A floating bar is hockey for me, too much like a happy cloud in Mario World. However, I do like the notion of a movable bar just like I like the notion of Silver Dollar Nipples. So I am going to pop over to food lion and take a couple wheels off the shopping carts and make me wheelly bar. Hell, maybe I'll just throw a whole cart in the back of the Mini Van and make a lazy man's movable bar by attaching a piece of plywood with duct tape to the top of the cart. The Mini Van has got tons of room.

[May 20, 2000 @ 06:20 AM]