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Fri, 30 Jun 2000


Any singular itemized unit dipped into liquid nitrogen will be edowed with the powers of cold fusion.

[June 30, 2000 @ 12:03 AM]

Thu, 29 Jun 2000


I got 'em.

[June 29, 2000 @ 11:40 PM]

Wed, 21 Jun 2000


I have the H's. I need some preparation for them.

[June 21, 2000 @ 09:17 AM]

Mon, 19 Jun 2000

Make it so

Today, somebody asked me who I would be if I could be any character from a literary work, and i said Capt. Picard and they said "No", and I said "Make it so".

[June 19, 2000 @ 09:10 PM]

Sat, 17 Jun 2000


It is a disgusting practice if you ask me. I wouldn't even do it if I had really good kitchen gloves and was listening to free jazz. Hell, I wouldn't do it if I had a really nice B-Eye. I don't need a B-Eye. I can just go to the website. Screw those tubes. That is for nurses and perverts.

[June 17, 2000 @ 02:16 PM]


I wonder if the world looks prism like? I want a B-eye.

Link: Nice B-Eye

[June 17, 2000 @ 02:08 PM]

Forgot the page... it is. Beetle Quake! All I know is I got first player, give me the gravis pad!

Link: Beetle Axis and Allies

[June 17, 2000 @ 02:06 PM]

Beetle Quake

I bet the people who made this page have never played quake. Just kidding, I shouldn't patronise. I should right them and ask them if they have beetle skins for quake or at least my Winamp.

[June 17, 2000 @ 02:03 PM]

The Beetle Problemo

I've got a beetle problemo. A lot of persons (who says persons? Everybody says "people"; but I just thought I'd use "persons" because I feel like saying "missing" before it) have roach problems. Not me though, I've got a beetle problemo. I can hear the little shits breathing at night.

[June 17, 2000 @ 01:54 PM]

The Bottom of my Slippers

The bottom of my slippers are completely blackened. I think they have mold growing on them.

[June 17, 2000 @ 01:51 PM]

Fri, 16 Jun 2000

Goatee Mirage

I was wrong, I can't visualise the goatee in my head. I'd better just grow one and stop hallucinating.

[June 16, 2000 @ 09:38 PM]

But the epitome hip...

...would be to have each of the prongs decorated with a rubber band at the end. One blue rubber band and one red one. I can almost visualise it in my head.

[June 16, 2000 @ 09:35 PM]


Now a forked goatee, one of those double pronged numbers, that would truly be hip.

[June 16, 2000 @ 09:32 PM]


I'm growing one. I must be drunk.

[June 16, 2000 @ 09:27 PM]

Thu, 15 Jun 2000

Fake Vampire Teeth

I know this girl who thinks she's a vampire and she tried to convince me she had fangs. They were fake. To think, she tried to pull the wool over my eyes.

[June 15, 2000 @ 04:47 PM]