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Tue, 20 Nov 2001

Message from Jim Shooter 3

I posted the wrong set of lyrics yesterday. Larry wanted me to post some lyrics from "Miami" by Will Smith, not "Get Jiggy". Here are the correct lyrics. I think the confusion on my part was due to the "jig it out" part. "uh- miami yeah, yeah...south beach, bringing the heat- jig it out, uh" - Jim

[November 20, 2001 @ 10:07 AM]

Mon, 19 Nov 2001

Message from Jim Shooter 2

Larry called me from Miami again and wanted me to post these lyrics. "Bring it./ Whoo!/ Unh, unh, unh, unh/ Hoo cah cah/ Hah hah, hah hah/ Bicka bicka bow bow bow,/ bicka bow bow bump bump/ What, what, what, what/ Hah hah hah hah".

[November 19, 2001 @ 09:33 AM]

Sat, 17 Nov 2001

Message from Jim Shooter

Larry has asked me to post on the Mind Lab today and announce that he has arrived in Miami. He says everything is okay. - Jim

[November 17, 2001 @ 01:53 PM]

Fri, 16 Nov 2001


Okay. That's it. Since I've seen the light, I'm leaving. I'm off to Miami. Benji, get your sunglasses. There is much to be done.

[November 16, 2001 @ 09:55 AM]

Benji's Return

Snoopy reappeared today and I've been given a second chance. It seems I may have been barking up the wrong tree and nobody was actually after Samuel Pepys title after all. Snoopy was taken away from me because my company, Chook Industries, company-sinned by copyright infringing on Hallmark and Jim Davis's property for a Halloween Party. None of this, as many have been quick to point the filthy finger, is related to some dope smoking groundhog day. My business is my business and that business is Chook Industries. If I wanted to use the bathroom on Jim Davis property I would march over to his back yard and do my business. That however is my business. In the end, all this means I've renamed Snoopy because his name is also copyrighted by Charles Shulz. His new name is Benji. Thank you.

[November 16, 2001 @ 09:10 AM]

Thu, 15 Nov 2001

The Ghost of Tiny Tim

I was visited by a third ghost last night, the ghost of Tiny Tim. I cried, "Tiny Tim what do you want?!?!" And Tiny Tim crutch whipped me. I hid under my bed screaming like a fool all night.

[November 15, 2001 @ 08:28 AM]

Wed, 14 Nov 2001

Please email me Stone circle Links

Dammit... I can't find my Indian communing with grizzly bear shirt. How am I ever going to figure out what a stone circle looks like. If you have any stone circle links could you please email them to me.

[November 14, 2001 @ 11:55 AM]

Samuel Pepys's secret diary

I've figured out what my visit from Samuel Pepys meant. Pepys kept a secret diary on supernatural saracen stones and this is the key to getting Snoopy back. I figure if I can fashion a makeshift stone circle here in my office, then I can perhaps make some prognosticfry onto those individuals who have Snoopy in their possession for their three dog blood transfusion. In the name of science my ass! Pepy, don't worry about loosing your title, and Chuck I'm getting Snoopy back.

[November 14, 2001 @ 11:50 AM]

The Ghost of Samuel Pepys

I've been visited by a second ghost!!! Last night when I went home I met the ghost Samuel Pepys, the first man who ever did a blood transfusion BETWEEN TWO DOGS! What does it all mean? Is this, was this, or will it be Snoopy's fate? The only thing that I can figure out, is someone must be trying to break Samuel Pepys record by performing a blood transfusion between three dogs, and THE THIRD DOG IS SNOOPY.

[November 14, 2001 @ 09:08 AM]

Tue, 13 Nov 2001

The Ghost of Charles Schulz

Last night I was visited by the ghost of Charles Schulz. I swear! He said, "You've treated your dog Snoopy badly, and now he has run away!" Then he pointed an ominiminous finger at me and he said, "Come with me." So I did. We walked down this hall and he pointed through a window and sitting by a fireplace was me with Snoopy. He said, "This is what could have been." I hope it was all just a bad dream.

[November 13, 2001 @ 08:41 AM]

Mon, 12 Nov 2001

MASS FOWARD Email Button

I have no idea whatsoever how I am going to figure this out by noon. All this email has to be MASS FORWARDed with immediacy. They need to make the MASS FORWARD email button bigger, and red like a stop sign. Otherwise when people need it, they have no idea how to find it.

[November 12, 2001 @ 09:53 AM]

Sat, 10 Nov 2001

Lonely at the top.

Damn. Saturday night, and I'm alone in my office. But I always knew that being this successful was going to be isolating. I'm just a little lonely now that Snoopy's not around. I bet my new earring might get me some down at Bru River. I ought to look into that. I think I'll head down there after I call Min Dao over at the Taiwan line. I hope that Snoopy's getting some good stuff wherever he is.

[November 10, 2001 @ 09:58 PM]

Fri, 09 Nov 2001

No Snoopy

I'm starting to get scared. Snoopy is still MIA. What if... what if my this is a sign? Like a karma thing?

[November 9, 2001 @ 09:26 AM]

Thu, 08 Nov 2001


Snoopy is still a no show... I'm starting to feel disallusioned with everything. I can't figure out how old I am, my feather ear ring is looking a little long in the tooth, Snoopy's gone... I need a joint.

[November 8, 2001 @ 10:06 AM]

Wed, 07 Nov 2001

Snoopy DIED!!!

Snoopy died! Oh no! Snoopy died! Actually, I just can't find him. So maybe he's just run off somewhere. But something tells me, like a great voice from beyond, that he is dead, stabbed to death in a back alley knife fight! Snoopy's died! NOOOOOOO!!!

[November 7, 2001 @ 08:08 AM]