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Mon, 18 Sep 2000

Site for Monday

Big News

Link: Clear Eyes

[September 18, 2000 @ 09:39 PM]

My eyes

Need some drops. For Red Eyes, use Clear Eyes.

[September 18, 2000 @ 09:38 PM]

Fri, 15 Sep 2000

And right after breakfast too...

But what a way to wake up!

[September 15, 2000 @ 10:07 AM]

Paint fumes

I'm so immature.

[September 15, 2000 @ 10:06 AM]

Wed, 13 Sep 2000

Civil Unrest and Art

Civil unrest sure does make for good oil paintings though, so I will turn the tables on the potentially impending gas shortage and make art. It won't be art for art's sake either I'll be producing, but art for civil unrest's sake. Rage Agianst the Machine will surely want to use my painting for their next album cover. I will paint a riot at BP with a bunch of people fighting each other with boards that have nails driven through them. I'll also throw a couple angry laid off Food Lion workers flipping over abandoned cars in the parking lot behind the BP. I can see the picture in on the blank canvas before me... the rioter angry howls and the Food Lion worker's anguished hollers.

[September 13, 2000 @ 07:44 PM]

Gas Alert

All the gas is gonna run out. I can feel it. All those French people are gonna come over here and want to stay at my house and I just won't have any room cause I have all my canned goods stored in the guest room and my mistress/maid Lola will be in the Sun Room. I'd better go start hording gas and food before the panic hits stateside. Lola only eat vegie burgers. I sure hope there isn't a shortage on vegie burgers.

[September 13, 2000 @ 07:35 PM]

Tue, 12 Sep 2000

Jungle Commandos

I heard that in the jungle commandos have been known to eat their own feces to survive. Anybody know anything about this? No way could I do that shit. Look, I made a PUN! I'm a genius.

[September 12, 2000 @ 11:51 AM]

Great Examples of Photoshop

That Mag-pu poster is a great example of just what you can do with Photoshop. A registered version of Photoshop of course. Goes without saying.

[September 12, 2000 @ 11:44 AM]

The Secret Life of Larry Snow

Just like Walter Mitty.

Link: Walter Mitty the Mighty Band
Picture: A picture of Mag-pu, some of the Walter Mitty band's foolhardy friends. Nice poster.

[September 12, 2000 @ 11:40 AM]

Mon, 11 Sep 2000

Spending a little extra time always shows in the finished product.

A sand dune in my painting would really draw out the more subtle qualities of the deer and wizard. It would set the right mood.

[September 11, 2000 @ 09:36 PM]

My Mood is My Brood

That puts me in the mood of a moody painting. Think I'll put on my mood toboggan and get out my moody blue paints and paint a moody looking deer fighting a moody looking wizard. I call the painting "Flight of the Deer".

[September 11, 2000 @ 09:34 PM]

Deaf Lou

Deaf Lou was saying the other night something about how there ain't as many deer round as there used to be. Anybody know what he's talking about? Deaf Lou was always one to wield his speech in an arcane sort of way.

[September 11, 2000 @ 09:29 PM]

Sat, 09 Sep 2000

Oil Paint on Hand

It is a handy thing to have. I'll put a red streak on each cheek and I bet they won't charge me any cover at the bars tonight cause they will think I'm just mad. Or I could cover my whole face in blue and then I'd be just like that Anthony on the cover of Titus.
Picture: Titus

[September 9, 2000 @ 09:11 PM]

What have I found?

I found a doo dad.

[September 9, 2000 @ 09:17 AM]

Fri, 08 Sep 2000

...but I forgot

the nice picture of Madonna. Here it is. How could I have ever forgotten it? Where is my mind, where is my mind...

Picture: A Nice Picture Remembered

[September 8, 2000 @ 01:19 PM]