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Thu, 08 Jun 2000

Everybody was called Jay at the party but me.


[June 8, 2000 @ 12:01 PM]

Which one is not the same?


[June 8, 2000 @ 11:58 AM]

Flaky Back

I've got flaky back. What's up with that?

[June 8, 2000 @ 09:54 AM]

10 miles by Combine

So I am thinking to myself there are these two farmers and one of em' starts a howling like wounded boar. Farmer number two, who we will call Farmer Ted, says farmer number one, who we will call Farmer Lee, "Why are you howling like a wounded boar?" Farmer Ted says, "Cause I don't know how far is it to town. I have to deposit these pennies from the piggy bank into the Farmer's Bank." Farmer Lee says, "10 miles." That is a joke Steve Martin told. I don't think that is in the least bit funny and no where near as funny as "Dorf goes fishing." I had to cellophane wrap the lazy boy cause I was afraid I piss myself and ruin my chair watching "Dorf goes fishing".

[June 8, 2000 @ 09:34 AM]


Last night I watched some of my Dorf videos. First I watched "Dorf on Golfing" and then the quite rare "Dorf and the First Games of Mount Olympus". I fell asleep and dreamt that they made a two new Dorf videos, the first called "Dorf goes Jet-Moto Racing" and the second, "Dorf meets Richard Marcinko".

Link: Rogue Warrior Portal
Picture: Demo Dick

[June 8, 2000 @ 07:14 AM]

Wed, 07 Jun 2000

Subterfuge Fair

Are you going to Subterfuge Fair -
Spinach, maze, rosemary I think I've gone blind -
Willow whisp my dog,
He's got a lisp -
And the kitty has got a hair lip.

[June 7, 2000 @ 02:42 PM]

Scarborough Fair

I went to the Scarborough Fair, and I met Eddie Van Halen.

[June 7, 2000 @ 02:34 PM]


I awoke in a fury and made the sound "Ahhh" for 30 seconds straight. My watch is never wrong.

[June 7, 2000 @ 06:47 AM]

Tue, 06 Jun 2000

Subterfuge Confessional

I left a turd in the mangier.

[June 6, 2000 @ 09:08 PM]

Subterfuge Loveline

Okay, I gotta go subterfuge. I'm about 5 weeks backlogged on Loveline episodes that I've taped off MTV. I need to watch them and take extensive notes so I can strike back with my own show, Larryline.

[June 6, 2000 @ 06:23 PM]

Operation Subterfuge

Only five months to go before I am sinking German Ships. I get a sub and I'll be the best damn subterfuger they ever saw.

[June 6, 2000 @ 06:19 PM]

Fugitive Subterfuge

In my subterfuge I have been forced to flee. I am the fugitive of subterfuge.

[June 6, 2000 @ 04:19 PM]


Today I was out behind the bank subterfuging and some of the attendants came out and asked me what I was doing. I said, "subterfuge" and they asked me to leave.

[June 6, 2000 @ 04:16 PM]

The Days of My Youth

I had a vision, one Earth of Buffalo, roaming, free. I think I hear a drum.

[June 6, 2000 @ 09:36 AM]

New Drink for Starbucks

It is called a Nescrappe. Don't worry, customers won't get it you elitist pricks.

[June 6, 2000 @ 07:15 AM]