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Tue, 30 May 2000

Time to Question the State of Your Life

If you own a dog, that you refer to as a "human" because the dog is smarter than the other people that cohabit your home, you might want to question just how it is you are living.

[May 30, 2000 @ 08:33 PM]


Show me your scabby nose. That's what he said and I punched him.

[May 30, 2000 @ 08:27 PM]

Air Traffic Control

I could bring the planes right in, and then just when the pilots weren't looking, I'd throw Styrofoam cups full of hot coffee at them just to keep them on their toes.

[May 30, 2000 @ 07:07 PM]

Funny Idea for a Movie

A stoner staring into outer space crying. If you'd like to use my idea, it is copyrighted. You'll have to pay me boku-cash in order to use my idea.

[May 30, 2000 @ 06:10 PM]


More people should write stuff and post it on the Internet.
Link: Interesting Writing Stuff

[May 30, 2000 @ 04:46 PM]


I put clothespins on my nipples and I swear, my chest looked just like a little spider crab.

[May 30, 2000 @ 04:38 PM]

Mon, 29 May 2000

The Chew Test

Did you ever notice that chewy food tends to have an odor while hard food tends to have no scent. Prove me wrong.

[May 29, 2000 @ 05:53 PM]


I've gotta remember not to offend people who listen to hardcore.

[May 29, 2000 @ 04:39 PM]

Missing Recordings

Look, there is a two day gap in my Larry Snow Mind Lab log... what happened on those two days? It is as if because the time was unaccounted for, I ceased to exist. Those two days are like the lost recordings of Larry Snow. Whence I doist releasist my box set, maybe those two unaccounted for days will appear, and will fans will go mad.

[May 29, 2000 @ 02:02 PM]


Negan, Quagan, Palestine, Do you have the Larry Time, We didn't start the fire.

Man, I love Billy Joel.

[May 29, 2000 @ 01:55 PM]

Fri, 26 May 2000

Assistance in Mind Lab

Dr. Sbaitso has come over from the Creative Lab to assist me in the Mind Lab.

Link: Imposter Remote Dr. Sbaitso

[May 26, 2000 @ 05:36 AM]


There is only one Mind Lab. But, I do like competition.

Link: The Impostor

[May 26, 2000 @ 05:22 AM]


I am feeling very remote and am not remotely interested in your remotely uninteresting remote talk. I bet you are controlled by a remote.

[May 26, 2000 @ 05:13 AM]


There are approximately 1500 words in the English language. There are approximately 7.9 million in the American language. STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER.

[May 26, 2000 @ 05:12 AM]

The Remote

My hand is the remote, THE REMOTE IS MY HAND.

[May 26, 2000 @ 05:09 AM]