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Thu, 18 May 2000

Pigeon Peanut Butter

Pigeons eat peanuts, but do they eat peanut butter? I don't know to be honest. It is just a question that popped in head.

[May 18, 2000 @ 01:37 PM]

Beware of the Pigeon Ghost

Never kill a pigeon though... even if that pigeon eats your Viennetta... for if you do, that pigeon will come back as pigeon ghost.

Picture: A pigeon haunting a small child.

[May 18, 2000 @ 09:14 AM]

Viennetta is a Pigeon

People can't even see the pigeon stool on the Viennetta, it blends right in.

[May 18, 2000 @ 09:03 AM]

Worst of the Web II

I'd would just like to reiterate that the Worst of the Web Site is very, very lame. Anybody who makes caricatures of themselves might as well ask for governments grants so they can commission statues of themselves in the town plaza. That way at least pigeons can stink them up with pigeon crap, and the statues will ever so slowly fall into disrepair because pigeon crap is high in steamy acids. The Titanic sunk the same way, pigeon crap made its steally supports ever so weak.

[May 18, 2000 @ 08:25 AM]

Wed, 17 May 2000

My Site is the Best Site on the Web

I own the best site on the web. The "Worst of the Web" site blows.
Link: Worst of the Web
Picture: Dorks

[May 17, 2000 @ 07:27 PM]

Talkie Tooter

I recently bought Talkie Tooter and logged over 200 hours of HAM radio use with it.
Link: Talkie Tooter Site
Picture: Talkie Tooter

[May 17, 2000 @ 07:18 PM]


So stop sending me prank mails you faggots. PC Pussy

[May 17, 2000 @ 06:49 PM]

How to Pick Up 21 Year Old Girls in the Bar

This will surely get you sex.

[May 17, 2000 @ 06:37 PM]

New Idea.

I thought up of a brilliant new idea. It will be called 'The Guy in the Living Room.' More on this later.

[May 17, 2000 @ 06:16 PM]

Tue, 16 May 2000

Ben Hur

In ancient Grecian times, Samurai used to fight lions and race chariots, just like in Ben Hur. In my own life I have often felt slighted since today there are only Nascar speedways and no more Greek Arenas around. I have thought many times how my own life has paralleled Ben Hur, the famous Samurai of Greece. My mother and sister were never sent to the leper mines, but, I know if chariot racing were around today, I would not only have my picture plastered all over mugs and t-shirts, but I'd be the BEST samurai around.Check this poser Samuri.

[May 16, 2000 @ 11:32 AM]

I See a Tape Recorder and I Grab It

I don't keep up to much on rap music to much, or MPBee's and Nappy, the music nabbing machine, but I do know that Lar's Ulrich is whining bitch. I think he needs a nappy. I like that Mr. Chuck D. fella. He's alright.

[May 16, 2000 @ 08:04 AM]

Hillary Rodamn Clinton

I'd have sex with Hillary Rodamn Clinton if she propositioned me.

[May 16, 2000 @ 07:16 AM]


I am a cyberguru. Listen to my brain cyber like a million and one pennies sloshing the piggy bank yelling, "Let me out onto this great new world of wonder so I can cybersurf in cyberspace!" I throw down in cyberslang with top 20 cybers in the business today. Hello, cybercommunicating Larry Snow, how may I help you? Sorry I can't go to work today, my eyes only work in cyberlight! It is time now to eat a cybertwinkee. So please excuse me while I cyberjize my body with cybercakeygoodness!

[May 16, 2000 @ 05:59 AM]

Mon, 15 May 2000

Double Dare Experiment

I'm not to much into experimenting with my food, but every now and again I do. I can tell you one thing not to make though, and that is Blue Cheese Pees. Cold chunky blue cheese poured over green steamy pees is pretty damn gross. The only place Blue Cheese Pees might be acceptable would be on Double Dare. However, Mark Summers if you are reading this, you can't have my idea. It is copyrighted like all my thoughts for my mind is a gold mine of rubies and radioactive ore. Mark Summer's I double dare you to steal my idea and see if I don't sue you. Punk.

[May 15, 2000 @ 03:24 PM]

Satan is a Retard

It seems all the rage today to make Satan Cool again. The only thing I understand about Satan worship is that it is retarded and sad, just like the story of Marty Insull. Marty was a fella I knew. He played accordion for Cajun band in a bar I used to frequent. However the ways of Satan got into his head and then he went down the path less travelled, the path of the Devil. He met some Satanists who convinced him to play accordion in a Satan Band. Marty was put in ward after they found him injecting stray cats with urine he'd fermented with yeast in microbrews. I tell you what, if you are into Satan Rock, you'll end up just like Marty drinking goat semen for giggles. Even The Onion is better than Satan. Peace.

[May 15, 2000 @ 11:30 AM]