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Sun, 14 May 2000


It's a funny word, isn't it? Exactly how does one knock shit? Or farts for that matter...

[May 14, 2000 @ 10:37 PM]

The Curves of Vocab

The words "tit" and "titty", may not be four letter words, but I still like them a whole lot!

[May 14, 2000 @ 06:57 PM]


.....--. ..... -.--..-...-..---.----..--
..-..-.-----. ..... --..-...-.--..--
-.....-.-.-.- -.-...--.-..- .........---..--
..- ..... -..--. ..-.---.-. .- .-.----.--.-.-.. ..-..-.-.-- .--..-..-.-.-

[May 14, 2000 @ 03:42 PM]

I See Dead People

Call me old fashioned, but I do not think that children should have access to the Internet.

Kids are Creepy.

[May 14, 2000 @ 09:48 AM]

Best Joke of All Time

You know what I think is one of the best jokes ever? Get a paper towel and stick your tongue through it. That cracks me up every time. God, I love that joke!

[May 14, 2000 @ 09:35 AM]


Here is a story about Wolf:
Wolf went to the park one sunny day. He brought a lunch to eat in the park. Wolf sat down on a nearby bench and opened up his lunch.

"Boy I am hungry" said Wolf.
Suddenly out of the sky came a big bird and grabbed Wolf's lunch. "You MOTHER FUCKING COCKSUCKER SON OF BITCH!!!" yelled Wolf.
Wolf then jumped up and.... be continued....

[May 14, 2000 @ 12:15 AM]


Well I'll be damned. Cliff said he would put this thing up, and he finally did. Expect Greatness to flow from this page.

[May 14, 2000 @ 12:10 AM]